The Challenge

Bioregional consider this to be the challenge we face globally in relation to Sustainable Water; 

  • local supplies of freshwater are often insufficient to meet human needs due to pollution, disruption of hydrological cycles and depletion of existing stocks.

The Goals

Bioregional identify the following goals, set so we can all contribute to a common and ultimate goal;

  • for everyone to have access to clean drinking water
  • to use water efficiently and return it clean to the environment
  • to contribute to sustainable water management and flood risk mitigation in the surrounding area

The Green Centre

Since 2006 the Green Centre team have been considering the Bioregional challenge and focusing on the Bioregional goals. The team have applied them through a series of initiatives developed in collaboration with the Brighton and Hove community and further afield through national and global initiatives. Through this organic process of learning our journey has centered around a set of intentions which help us practice the art of Sustainable Water.

  • Our intentions; 

1. to keep it clean
2. to use less
3. to help it flow

  • Local to Brighton and Hove we have engaged regularly with Southern Water including a site visit to Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works where we learned about how much work goes into cleaning our water. We have supported the work of Southern Water by adopting and raising awareness of all their campaigns.
  • Nationally as a result of our engagement with Southern Water we became involved in the Baby Wipes campaign, both in Brighton and Hove and throughout the UK and have been raising awareness of this initiative.
  • Globally our journey has taken us to Colombia. In 2011 the Green Centre were approached by local residents Ixent Galpin and Johana Trujillo and invited to participate in a campaign against La Colosa Gold Mine in Tolima, Colombia to help protect their water and biodiversity. We have been directly involved in this campaign for 7 years.  

1. we have helped in the organisation of a photo petition to show our solidarity with the people of Tolima. This includes pictures from Colombia, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Peru, Philippines, Portugal and Spain. We also held a photo exhibition in 2015.   

2. we have raised awareness of the social and environmental impacts of gold mining 

3. we have supported fundraising campaigns and donated money to the campaign