The Challenge

Bioregional consider this to be the challenge we face globally in relation to Sustainable Energy;

  • Climate Change due to human induced build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere

The Goals

Bioregional identify the following One Planet goals, set so we can all contribute to a common and ultimate goal;

  • Buildings are energy efficient compared to a stated local or national benchmark or a recognised standard
  • 100% of energy consumed is supplied by non-polluting renewable energy generated on-site or off-site

The Green Centre

Since 2006 the Green Centre team have been considering the Bioregional challenge and focusing on the Bioregional goals. The team have applied them through a series of initiatives developed in collaboration with the Brighton and Hove community and further afield through national and global initiatives. Through this organic process of learning our journey has centered around a set of intentions which help us practice the art of Sustainable Energy.

  • Our intentions;

1. to use renewable
2. to use less

  • Local to Brighton and Hove we have engaged with BHESCO to benefit from their expertise, Brighton Energy Cooperative to learn about solar energy and Rampion Windfarm to learn about wind power. 

  • Nationally we looked to the energy companies to provide the Green Centre with renewable energy. We referred to the Supplier Fuel Mix chart for guidance. In 2010 we chose Good Energy as they were the only energy company providing 100% renewable energy. The latest chart shows 16 companies providing 100% renewable. Our recommendation is Ecotricity.
  • Globally it's difficult to look past the growth of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking in China, Canada and the United States where it has significantly boosted domestic oil production and driven down gas prices. It is estimated to have offered gas security to the US and Canada for about 100 years. While the UK continue to pursue this controversial fossil fuel, Frack Off continue to campaign against fracking. There are fracking bans or restrictions in Ireland, Scotland and Wales leaving England leading the charge to frack. Bans also exist across Europe and the rest of the world.