1. Volunteer Programme

Growing Together

The growing together programme focuses on individuals seeking opportunities to acquire or improve work skills and/or gain work experience and those with an interest in the environment. This program falls in to 3 broad categories;

  • Environmentalists, e.g. we welcome volunteers who wish to pursue their love of the environment and/ or follow a career in this field. 
  • Work seekers, e.g. we welcome volunteers who receive Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), Work Related Activity Group ESA (WRAG) and Support Group ESA.
  • Health Seekers, e.g we welcome volunteers with chronic illness, mental health problems and learning disabilties.

Growing food at Manor Hill


The Partnership programme focuses on building relationships within the local community and seeks to offer opportunities to learn about a holistic approach to caring for the environment. This programme falls into 3 broad categories;

  • Business, e.g. we have worked with American Express, Coca Cola and Bupa
  • Education & Training, e.g. we have worked with Roedean School, Brighton University, Sussex University and the Prince's Trust
  • Community Groups, e.g. we have worked with CAN IT and     

Students from Roedean School

Global Connections

The Global Connections programme focuses on relationships around the globe so that we may celebrate diversity, share ideas and strengthen the sense of our global family. We have enjoyed working with the following organisations;

  • Concordia International - an organisation providing opportunities for International volunteers.
  • DSC Regen and Rey Europe - an organisation providing internships for Italian citizens.
  • Global Hearts Against Poverty - an organisation in Kenya who we do voluntary work for.

Manon from Paris

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Green Spaces

Team GC meet on a Tuesday between 11.00am and 3.00pm to develop and deliver our Green Spaces programme. This new programme focuses on cleaning up the city's green spaces, exploring nature including polinator plants and trees and enjoying some outdoor games.    

For more details, get in touch.

At home

The following positions can be done working from home. 

  1. Admin / Research assistant - minimum 3 hours a week and 3 month committment.
  2. Experienced Fundraiser - past experience writing grant applications.

    For more details, get in touch.

In the community

The following positions are carried out in the community; 

  1. Fieldworker - minimum 3 hours a week and 3 month committment.

    For more details, get in touch.

2. Sponsorship

Every year we need to raise £10,000 to deliver our project. This includes the cost of hiring a meeting room, storage, a vehicle, insurances, volunteer expenses, etc. 

Currently our income includes

  • revenue from the sale of donated goods
  • revenue from recycling
  • grants and sponsorship 

The value of the time our co-founder Melanie has donated to the Green Centre since 2006 is £500,000. This has been matched by co-founder Tony. Team GC have matched this, donating £1,000,000 since 2009. That's a total of £2,000,000!

You can support our efforts through sponsorship for as little as £5. Over a year that's just 1.4 p a day! 

£5  -  pays for 25 miles in our electric van
£10 - pays for travelling expenses for one volunteer per week 
£25 - pays for refreshements for TEAM GC for 1 week 
£50 - pays for our EV charging for one month
£100 - pays insurance costs for one month 
£250 - pays for book keeping and accountancy costs per quarter
£500 - pays for storage costs for one quarter 

3. Share our Message

Our mission is to provide carefully researched and qualified, information and advice, to all members of the community on matters that have an effect on the future of our planet, locally, nationally and globally. You can play a vital role by following us through our social media and sharing vital information which can help in the process of building a sustainable community.